The following is the syllabus of a Python for non-programmers course/workshop. It is divided into two sub-courses. Basics, which will take 30 hours and Advanced, which would take at least 20 hours, but it can get expanded to cover more material or get in depth.


Python basics:

  • Introduction and history
  • Installation (on Gnu/Linux, Windows)
  • Python interpreter
  • Variables
  • Basic operators
  • Conditions and Decision making
  • Repetition and Loops
  • Data Types (Integer, Float, String, etc.)
  • Data Structures (List, Tuple, Dictionary)
  • Working with date and time
  • Functions

Advanced Python:

  • ¬†Working with Files
  • Exceptions
  • Object Oriented Programming (Classes, Objects, Inheritance, etc.)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Working with Databases¬† Databases
  • GUI (TKInter)