The following is the syllabus of a Django Web Framework course. The attendants MUST have a working understanding of Python. (Detailed Requirements)

Django Web Development Basics:

  • ¬†Introduction to command-line
  • Django Introduction
  • Installation (on Gnu/Linux and Windows)
  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Relational Databases
  • Models
  • Django Shell
  • Django ORM
  • Built-in Admin panel
  • URLs
  • Views
  • HTML Basics
  • Templates (Django Template Language and Syntax)
  • Forms
  • Project 1: Poll application
  • Project 2: A simple Content Management System



Advanced Django:

A complementary course can be held as a workshop. It would be completely Project-based. The student will be guided (step by step) through the process of creating an Online Shop.