Arabian to Roman numeral converter

Last weekend I had some time to kill, I wrote some code, Just For Fun. You see, we have this numeral system that uses 0,1,2,…,8,9 to display the numbers. This is called Hindu-Arabian System. It somehow became the global system in the 14th century. Before that, the Roman Numeral System was common. You’ve probably seen some Roman numbers on some clocks: I is 1, II is 2, III is 3, etc.

You can learn how Roman Numerals work in its Wikipedia page. What my code does is that it gets an Arabian number (normal number) as an input, and returns the Roman equivalent of that. The code is written in pure Python3 and I guess anyone with some basic knowledge of programming would understand it. Later on, I would perhaps add some sort of a document just to make it more comprehensible.  You can see the code on my Github.

Productivity boost using Firefox plugins

As a programmer who uses internet several hours a day, I’ve discovered a few plugins through the years that make this precious time more effective. Although life would still go on without these plugins, I believe these plugins have helped me save so much time. Here I would name the more effective ones. (This is somehow a sequel to my previous post where I named the software I use daily)

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The software I use

As a programmer, there is a variety of tools that I use in my daily life. I’ve been asked – regularly – about what editor I use for coding or what programming language I prefer. Here I will list the ones I’ve been asked about more frequently and hope it comes in handy to you.

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Hello world!

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